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The tickets

Entrance Tickets of the Military History Museum from 1st January 2014


Adult ticket 

1500 HUF

Child ticket (under the age of 6)


Student Ticket (aged between 6-26; students over the age of 18 have to show their Student Card)

750 HUF

Senior (aged between 62-70)

750 HUF

Aged 70 and over


Family Ticket (1 or 2 adults and maximum 4 children)

3000 HUF


Booked school groups (price for one person)

400 HUF



Guided Tours (English or German)


1-20 persons

8000 HUF

over 20 persons

12000 HUF


Yearly Ticket

‘Hadtörténeti 100’ Card holders can visit the museum’s permanent and temporary exhibitions and take part in the guided tour of the Armoury within a year from the date of purchase.



Adult Yearly Ticket: 4000 HUF

Reduced Yearly Ticket: 2000 HUF (students aged between 6-26 and seniors aged between 62-70)

Yearly Ticket for Families: 8000 HUF

Yearly Ticket for Groups: 25000 HUF

The Yearly Tickets can be purchased at the museum’s cashier during working hours.


Free admission:

  • Children aged 6 and under
  • Seniors aged over 70
  • Disabled visitors with one helper
  • Teachers working in state schools
  • Employees of public museums and collections and institutions of community culture possessing special permission of entrance
  • ICOM, ICOMOS, ICCROM Card holders
  • On every last Sunday of the month, visitors under the age of 26; and visitors under the age of 18, accompanied by a maximum of two close family members.


On Hungarian national holidays (15th March, 20th August and 23rd October) all exhibitions can be visited free of admission fee, regardless of nationality.


Reduced tickets are available for maximum two persons accompanying visitors under the age of 18. The discount can be used by Hungarian citizens, Hungarian identity card holders and citizens of the European Economic Area. Documents will have to be shown.


For educational programmes registration has to be done a week in advance.


For visitors of the Armoury:


Entry to the Armoury is only with an extra ticket and with the guided tour.

Price of the Armoury Ticket: 1000 HUF/person (in addition to the entrance fee)

Price of the Armoury Ticket for booked groups of students is included in the entrance fee: 1000 HUF


Opening hours of the Armoury:

The guided tour begins at 10.30 am and 2.30 pm each day, from Tuesday to Sunday.

Registration and tickets are available at the Cashier.

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